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….rumble rumble crack crack splash splash…

By In



I hear the thunderous rumble crack splash splash from the storm last night

What would Hasan and Hussein have heard?

Maybe the gentle plop of rain drops on their mud floor.

…thus were the sounds last night…SubhanAllah storms in this City of Radiance and Light are like nothing else…as is everything here…the soft gentle hues of ‘wintery’ light…the day by day increase of Umrah pilgrims…

…this speck has been tested with this site in so many ways…hours upon hours attempting to ‘fix’ the original few years of blogging where the posts appear as text only…all the photos are saved but not in context…the task ominously looking like it may take years to achieve…but plod on is the mood of  each spare moment…which in truth is not that many…Khair Alhumdulillah…the above words were inspired by words penned in 2006…reposted below…’sounds’


I hear the excited squeals of children playing.

What would Sayyidatuna Fatimah have heard?

Maybe the hungry cries of her blessed children?


I hear the revving, honking, screeching of traffic.

What would AbdurRahman ibn Auf have heard?

Maybe the ambling of 2,000 laden camels entering Madinah?


I hear the swish swish of wood being sawn.

What would Abu Hurairah have heard?

Maybe the rustle of palm leaves being placed on the roof of Masjid Nabawi?


I hear metal gas bottles clanging against the metal truck.

What would Abdullah ibn Umar have heard?

Maybe branches of firewood being thrown from a donkey?


I hear a sudden offensive shrill from a mobile phone.

What would Sayyidatuna Ayesha have heard?  

Maybe the sweet voices of Jabir’s sisters reciting Qur’an?


I hear the high pitched whistle of the kettle boiling.

What would Umm Salamah have heard?  

Maybe the gurgle of water pouring from a water skin?


I hear the raucous voices of the youth playing soccer.

What would Ibn Abbas have heard?

Maybe the buzz of Dhikr from the Ahl Suffah?


I hear amplified Adhan from thousands of speakers.

What would Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri have heard?

Maybe the melodious voice of Bilal?


I hear the whirring of an engine pumping water to the roof tank.

What would Ali RadhiAllahu anhu have heard?

Maybe the plunk of the bucket sinking deep into the well?


I hear the hum of the cities air conditioners.

What would Mu’ath have heard?

Maybe the gentle murmuring of the evening breeze?


I hear the click click of stiletto heels on marble.

What would Abu Musa have heard?

Maybe the shuffle of bare feet on sand?


I hear the startling blare of the alarm clock at Fajr.

What would Abu Darda have heard?

Maybe distant roosters crowing?


I hear delivery trucks off loading crates.

What would Abu Ayyub have heard?

Maybe the muffled thud of a date falling to the ground?


I hear the monotonous drone of near by TV’s.

What would Hanzalah have heard?

Maybe the tumultuous cries of “Allahu Akbar” as troops left for Jihad?


I hear the cooing of pigeons around the Green Dome.

What would Rasulullah SaaAllahu alaihi wasallam have heard?

Maybe the ethereal sound of Jibreel’s 600 wings?


Maybe the Divine chanting of a new revelation?

Maybe the emotional words of the newly enlightened saying Shahadah?

Maybe the blissful sighs of the martyrs in their graves?

Maybe stones, trees, babies, animals, lizard, food, talking to him?

Maybe the sound of mercy rains quenching the valleys of Madinah.

Maybe the whisshh of arrows piercing the air targeting the enemy?

Maybe the sobbing of the palm trunk?

Maybe the water flowing from his Mubarak fingers?

Maybe the whack of the stone, hitting the bottom of Jahannam, after falling for seventy years.

Maybe the rhythmic grinding of Lady Fatimah’s flour mill?

Maybe the grumbling sound of so many empty stomachs?

Maybe the stamping of horses hooves as they train for battle?

Maybe the scratching of stone on rock recording verses of Qur’an Majeed?

Maybe the gentle breath of snuffing out the oil lamp?

Maybe the clinking of metal swords, shields and the booty from skirmishes being distributed?

Maybe the intimate whispers of Du’a being made in the dark of the night?


I hear the sounds of Madinatun Nabi.

Is our Noble Nabi SallAllahu alaihi wasallam hearing enough Salawaat and Salam from us?


All good is from Allah Ta’ala whereas mistakes are from this humble speck. May Allah Ta’ala Bless all readers, bringing you all closer to Him and His Rasul SallAllahu alaihi wasallam.  May He accept our humble efforts and grant us the capacity to be good and do good. Ameen.